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What do you get when you mix the power of voice recognition software, social media, and over 25 years of assignment help industry experience? You get Dream Assignment – the leading provider of Voice Thread assignment help in the USA. We’ve helped students in over 50 countries across all kinds of disciplines, and we’re eager to provide Voice Thread assignment help right here at home too! Our writers are experts in many fields, including biology, accounting, economics, engineering, and science.

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What is VoiceThread?

VoiceThread is a learning tool, uses for implementing student engagement and increasing online presence. With the help of VoiceThread, teachers and students can generate, share, and comment on PowerPoint presentations, videos, documents, and audio files using a microphone, webcam, phone, and audio-file upload.

The VoiceThread is a multimedia application, which also collaborates and permits the instructor to upload several types of media images, slides, videos, and documents into a presentation. It strengthens the communication, collaboration, and connection between students and instructors. In VoiceThread students and instructors can comment on any slides with the help of using text, video, and audio comments.

The process of adding comments does not involve sending an email, making a voice call, or using any third-party app. Your colleagues or classmates can contribute to your project and post their thoughts on your media without having to leave their desks. Here is why it’s become one of our most popular tools:

Accessibility – VoiceThread is accessible anywhere on any device that has an internet connection and supports an HTML5 video player. Presentations are created via a web browser so there is no need for downloading software to create presentations.

Collaboration – Users are able to share their VoiceThread presentations with anyone who has access to the link. Presentations can be shared via email, posted on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, embedded into blogs or websites, downloaded as PDF documents, and more!

A voice thread is a visual bookmarking tool that allows you to organize information visually. It helps you connect pages of information to each other. The new technology helps learners collaborate, focus, and contribute to their own learning experience by allowing them to discuss and share information with others online in a fun way. Unlike traditional media such as pen and paper, and audio or video recording, voice threads can be easily accessed and updated any time of day or night. Everything posted on a voice thread is retrievable and traceable through its URL address, eliminating the misplacement of material for later use.

VoiceThread assignment writing seems to be difficult for some students, those who cannot know how to collaborate with the help of the presentation. Maybe students do not get in touch with this trending process of doing the assignment. Terms like VoiceThread app, VoiceThread presentation, and examples of VoiceThread are unknown to the new student.

VoiceThread app is the type of application by which students can perform in creating multimedia slides and connect with VoiceThread assignments. In terms of the VoiceThread example, we can differentiate them with the help of the different types of uses of VoiceThread.

VoiceThread presentation is a web-based presentation tool that permits the student to allow students to create multimedia slide show presentations including audio or narration through a webcam. In this type of presentation, visitors can also comment on the slides in the form of text, audio, and video.

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Examples of Different Types of Assignments Using VoiceThread

Providing General Class Discussion with the Help of Voicethread -

In VoiceThread, a student can discuss the slides, which were uploaded by the instructor. Students can discuss artwork, videos, documents, political cartoons, etc in the slides.

Voicethread in Uses of Providing Student's Course Introductions -

VoiceThread is a multimedia tool that provides online access to the student who gets attached to the assignments. With the help of VoiceThread, students implement their engagement and increased their online presence. It is used to provide students' course introduction, in which students can select their desired topics to use comments by text or voice.

Voicethread in Student's Presentation -

An instructor can create a VoiceThread, but they are not the single source of the VoiceThread. Students can also create the VoiceThread, the student is eligible for uploading their presentation slide in VoiceThread. If students work in a group they can share their performance in VoiceThread without any physical meeting. In VoiceThread, a student can share their presentation with classmates and also can comment on other presentations.

Making of Narrated Lecture -

Instructors provide lecture slides and add video and audio comments on each slide, these lectures are for the student to describe the given slide. This is beneficial for students in that they don't need to download any files and no requirement for special software or application.

Blackboard Voicethread for Students -

With the help of Blackboard instructors and students, accounts are generated automatically when a student links their course to a VoiceThread.

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