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The HND has been regarded as a modular program on business. It is the same as the initial two years degree and another year of additional study at any university of United Kingdom. This will become a degree of BA Honours. Our assignment writers know these facts. Dream Assignment has a team of HND HRM assignment help experts.

We can solve all the assignments related to the Business courses. Our writers offer online guidance. You will get access after the completion of HND. The students have significant knowledge on human resource and business. A perfect guidance is offered on HND human resource management where the student can develop knowledge. They can build an understanding of the human resources. The HND HRM assignment help is applied in different areas and our experts understand them. The writers can work on the employment relations individually from the legal perspective. They have done assignments on the relations of individual employees in the practical world. They understand the development of the profession. The writers have sound knowledge of finance related to human resource management. They know the different techniques of induction and selection in recruitment. The process of interviewing a candidate is studied here. The writers understand how to write human resource management from the business perspective. The development and learning are studied critically. There is a role of information technology in the business world and an HR expert on HND comes across such assignments. They know very well how to deal with organizations and people. They understand the different techniques of presentation. The writers have done dissertations in the Collective Employment. The experts of HND Human Resource Management assignments have sound knowledge of legal relations. The experts in the human resource management have sound knowledge of the research methods. The writers have worked on projects of talent management and resourcing of employee. We have worked on projects on business behavioral skills. The writers are skilled in business strategy. They understand the Business Culture really well. We understand the international context of Human Resource Management. We can write blogs and articles on Performance Management. The reward of the employee is assessed by the HRM. We can write a research paper on Organizational Change. Our writers have worked on projects of relationship management of the employee. We have done projects on group skills and interpersonal skills. The expert understands the human resource planning stages.

Every organization needs Human resource planning and this is a vital activity of the organization. The requirement of human resource is assessed. We need to guarantee the resource availability at the right time for HND HRM assignment help. There are certain initiatives which need to be followed. The writers need to obey the procedure during project work.

Examining the human resources: Most of the present resources in an organization have been examined. We need to know the level of competency, talent, and skills. They are found inside the organization. The strength is exhibited through this step on the basis of the human assets.

The demand for Prediction: As per the mentioned target in an organization, we point out the requirement of an employee to fulfill the target under a specific timeline.

Predicting Supply: Following the data of the industry along with the trend of previous years, the employees are predicted where they can participate in a particular company. There are factors associated with the industry and economic environment. They are involved in forecasting service.

Harmonizing Supply and Demand: After the assessment of the requirement and expected entry with the help of department of human resource, the company tries to harmonize them. They need to understand the human resource needed for a particular period of time.

Implementation Plan: After obtaining the actual resources needed for a particular time in an organization, the department of human resource and the strategic planner chalks out a plan for recruiting and selecting people to fulfill their target. This initiative involves the planning, which is meant for employee training and you can get original HND HRM assignment help. It is carried out as per the requirement.

Recruiting and selecting process

The new candidates are recruited in the process for increasing the strength of the organization and the HND Human Resource Management assignments are going to cooperate with you. The perfect person can be chosen for organization using the process of selection in the fundamental way. There is a variation in the processes among different organizations. There is a similarity in the process among the organization engaged in similar industry. The process of selection and recruitment have been written in projects by our experts. Our writers are quite aware of the recruitment drive that the companies carry out continuously. They assist the external and internal in various ways. From the processes, we understand that the company got the applications of the chosen candidates. The internal resources should be checked to enrich the profile of a company. The shortlisting is made using external resources by HND HRM assignment help. The resume of candidates are screened according to their qualifications. The organization follows a process of referral. Our writers are quite aware of the fact that the selection and recruitment process is different from one company to the other. Some companies carry out recruitment on the basis of contract. The candidates send applications to the companies for the job. A test on assessment is made on the candidates. The interview is arranged with the selection of candidates. We get the program on orientation. Finally, the process of selection and recruitment is targeted at choosing the talented men and women in the market of employees.

Efficacy of process of selection and recruitment

The selection and recruitment have two systems in HND human resources. It is crucial for an organization. The effectiveness needs to be assessed. We find certain similarities in this process. We have worked on Tesco which observed the different forms of resources present for choosing the right candidates using external, internal, and different ways. But when we worked with Walmart, we have found that it obeys certain approach of recruitment. The abilities of the candidates are examined. Internal resources are pooled by Tesco. The pooling takes place from one department to the other department. The purpose is to bring out the good qualities of a person working for the organization. We have done a research paper on Walmart and we know that the employees are recruited on the basis of the contract. Therefore, we believe that this is an effective approach to the recruitment. From our study, we have found that the Tesco is more effective compared to Walmart.

Benefits of Selection and Recruitment System

There are two processes, i.e., selection and recruitment and we proofread HND human resources assignment. They have different characteristics. They are given priority in an organization. The effectiveness needs to be assessed. We find the process has similarities in certain aspects. A company like Tesco searches for different forms of the resources present to pick up the right candidates using external, internal, external and different procedures. But we observe Walmart, we have found the company obeys the fundamental need approach. Majority of the firms obey it to examine the talent of candidates. The study is made from a new perspective. Companies like Tesco makes a pool of the resource found internally. It makes this pooling among the various departments. The purpose is to take the best work from the employees. In Walmart, the recruitment of the employees takes place on the basis of the contract. Therefore, we can tell that this method is good for recruitment.

Regulatory and Legal framework of Human Resource Management

The economy has organizational behavior and they obey various laws which are required for a specific economy. The laws can be applied in various ways. It is good for different departments at the organizations. The Department of Human Resource in an organization obeys the frameworks of regulation and law. Our HND human resource management homework help experts have come across laws e.g., safety, labor law, and law on security. The influence is direct over the HR activities. We find laws associated with leisure, security and safety. We have also come across law related to the satisfaction in job for the employees. They are found inside the organization. There are various legal frameworks in the government sector. It is meant for the discrimination of gender. There are poor treatment and labor relations. There are incidences of sexual harassment. The environment must be clean and safe. There is a policy for compensation. There are actions on the employee privacy. These are the fundamental laws. It states the various policies associated with the employees in a company. The laws are quite helpful among the organization and employees. It guarantees the right way of working inside an organization. We find the employee satisfaction in an organization. Most of the laws are obeyed by companies like Tesco. These are made for the human resource following the legislation of United Kingdom. The decisions on operation are taken into account. It obeys the legislation across the world. The domestic laws should be given proper attention.

Association of Reward and Theory of Motivation

The HND human resource management homework help experts have come across various theories of motivation stated by the leaders. The purpose is the employee motivation for the progress of an organization as per the experience across a time period. The primary theories could be applied. These theories have gained popularity in the majority of the sectors. These theories are as follows:

1. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory.

2. Achievement motivation theory.

3. Self-determination theory

4. Cognitive theories.

5. Attribution theories

6. Two Factor Theory of Herzberg

The level of motivation is increased with the help of the theories. It is found inside an organization. The theories have been given priority in any type of organization. The goals of an organization can be achieved with the above theories. The objectives of an organization can also be reached using the motivation theories. The employees get the opportunity to work in the right way. The reward is associated with these theories. When the employees work methodically, they get rewards. When an employee behaves in a particular way, he/she gets a reward for following that rule. There is an association of motivational theory and reward. A theory is applied to motivate most of the employees equally.

Evaluation of Job

The HND human resource management homework help experts know that the primary factor of motivation is compensation. It is true for the majority of employees. The duty of evaluation in the job is basically associated with the job evaluation on the basis of nature of the job and the different forms of efforts given by the employees. The employee has a certain set of skill. The workforce has a level of competence. Every employee earns certain qualification and it is the basis of payment. The evaluation of job is a vital aspect of the human resource management. The reason is the application of various compensation associated laws are passed through the legislation. We find different factors having a vital role in paying the employees in the organization. It might be regarded as external for the organization and employees. For a specific time, a scenario of the industry is created by those factors. We need to study a country’s economic atmosphere. An organization has a financial health and it needs to be examined. Every industry faces competition and our academic writer studies them critically. The payment given to the employees are decided on the basis of the above factors.

How to improve the effectiveness of reward system?

A vital role is played by the reward system. The target should be reached in the efficient and effective way. The motivation is given through the reward system. An organization has a reward system where the benefits are defined. The employee gets rewards for good performance. A company gives a reward to the employee for the behavior at work and it varies from one organization to the other. We can observe as compensation, promotion, relocation, progression, trips of business, as per the desire of the employee. The reward process in a company like Tesco is quite effective and it keeps the employees motivated.


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