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What is Political Science?

Political science is a social science. Mainly, it focuses on the systems of governance, and the evaluation of political assessments, political actions, and political behavior. Aristotle, the great Greek philosopher, is known as the father of political science. Political science is the study of power and politics from national, international, and comparative aspects. It focuses on providing knowledge on political objectives, theories, plans, institutions, methodology, and behaviour. In this study, it also emphasizes the approach of classes, groups, politics, government, legislation, strategy, and war. There is a meaning and nature of political science. There are overall various field of political science which includes several major subfields:

  • American politics,
  • Comparative politics,
  • International relations,
  • Political economy,
  • Political philosophy.

Factors of political science

Nature of Political Science:

It is a social science.

Meaning of Political Science:

It is concerned with the relationships between humans and their societies.

Scope of Political Science

The scope of political science is spacious. For that reason, political science experts segregated the field of political science into five sub-disciplines.

➂Political theory

➀Political Institutions (Constitution, National Government, Regional and Local Government, and Comparative Political Institution),

➁Political Dynamics (Parties, Groups, and Public Opinion), and

➃International Relations.

➄Public law

All of these sub-disciplines deal with the whole spectrum of the current political economy. The study of all the sub-discipline focus to provide adequate knowledge of how the overall political economy works. Political science can also study on different aspects of government. It can consider the operations of a given legislative body, for example, the Parliament of the UK or the US Congress. It also focuses on the relations between several branches of government or between governments and societies like the United Nations.

Importance of Political Science

Politics is not only just merely voting in an election or performing work in a government. By studying political science, students can earn a more in-depth and thorough knowledge of the political forces as well as institutions that directly affect their lives.

Sometimes students get confused between philosophy and political science. But both are different subjects.

Philosophy vs Political Science

Philosophy is the subject that describes the knowledge of fundamental nature, realism, and existence. It is the study of the fundamental questions about the government, state, liberty, justice, etc. and the enforcement of the law by jurisdiction. Whereas, political science is the division of knowledge which deals with the government systems. It is the theoretical and empirical study of government, policies, finances, and sociology concerning political behaviour. Besides, political science assignment help, we also provide philosophy assignment help as well.

Political science is a critical subject to study for a student, who doesn’t have precise knowledge of it. As you can see the basics of political science is such complicated, then you can also imagine how the chapters will be; while you study in-depth. Accomplishing political science homework a time-consuming and you need to read and research both simultaneously.

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