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Is it hard to write your own story?

Would you like help with coming up with the right ideas and how to put them together?

If so, you’re not alone! Many people struggle with writing their own stories and that’s where we come in. We offer affordable story writing help, making it easy to get the high quality story writing help you need!

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Story writing represents the practical side of writing and it reflects the creative side of the student. You can get excellent story writing help from experts. The mothers take care of the child in a similar fashion in their bed. This has been identified in the form of bedtime stories. The stories for bedtime are meant for certain fundamental points. It indicates the development of English language in children and it will assist in pursuing their academic career. It assists in the feeling at the spiritual level. The mothers carry out the job. The mothers can be associated with the writers. They are quite concerned about the career of the children. It is not easy to share the story using the right vocabulary. Those who want to write an English story, they should consult an expert. The tension is quite high and others look for a service on story writing.

Story Writing Help

With so many people on staff, we have an impressive and efficient writer network that works round-the-clock to get you fast, awesome service. And all of our writers are skilled in multiple areas; after all, different projects require different expertise

For example, one writer might be great at short fiction while another could edit novels like no other. This specialization makes us especially flexible—and fast. Plus, if you’re struggling with anything more complicated than spelling mistakes or grammar errors (things that any proofreaders can handle), we have dedicated editors for those needs as well. See who’s available today! We look forward to working with you soon.

The Difference between Short Fiction and Novel Writing:

If you’ve ever wanted to know how short stories differ from novels, there are some key differences between them that need addressing before getting started. Short stories tend to be between 1,000 and 10,000 words long while most novels hover around 50,000 words or more (with plenty going over 100k). The length difference is pretty obvious: it takes longer to tell a story when there’s so much extra space devoted solely to character development and plot building. On top of word count differences comes everything else that separates these two forms of literature: structure, characters, themes... You name it.

Our Writers Are All Published Authors

We’re not just writers—We’re published authors.

While that may not mean much to you, it means everything to us. We know how much work goes into creating a great novel and what standards are required for success. You can trust that we’ll be professional and easy to work with during every stage of development for your book project.

Whether you need assistance with ideas, drafting or editing, hire an author who knows what they're doing—hire an author who is published. Our staff is made up of professionals at all levels of experience in both industry and academia; they are experts in their field who understand different style guides, techniques and genres used by industry leaders like Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster and HarperCollins .

What Sets Us Apart from the Rest?

Good stories have conflict and struggle. They have active characters whose struggle is what drives them to change and grow as individuals. This is true of any type of literature, from children’s picture books to science fiction novels. Whether you need help creating a new world for your story or figuring out how to develop stronger characterization in your characters, we can help you get started or give you insight into what it takes to create compelling narratives. Our writers can take even an idea that seems lacklustre on its face and turn it into something that’s worth reading. We don’t just write stories; we breathe life into them.

Experts Write on Interesting Story Writing Topics

The first initiative in the world of creative writing represents searching the Story Writing Topics, which is associated with the story. After choosing this story, you need to take a decision on the characters of the story. You should know the messages and diversions in the short story. You must be able to follow the developmental aspects, which will be covered systematically. The story is associated with the animal, person or other objects. Irrespective of the top issue, the writer might come across a problem encountered by the students. For instance, there might be a limit in the deadline, grammatical error and punctuation.

Guidance on Story Writing Format

Dream Assignment has expert for story writing format and they can guide the student successfully. The experts are eager to assist the students. A unique story is created and the instructor will give you the top grade. It is important to include these aspects in the creative story:

● Subject matter of short story

● Total number of the pages for the completion of story.

● Style and size of the font

● Actual message in the story.

● Theme of short story.

● Essential characters of short story.

● Developing skill in English Language

Expressing Long Story Ideas at An Affordable Rate

The prices have been quite low in comparison to other assignment help companies in the world. You should examine the long story ideas and make a comparison with other writers in English language. The student will get the best quality study material in English on the chosen areas and the price is cheap. The materials for writing a short story should not have any errors in writing. It is good for obtaining an idea. The standard of English story written by our expert catches the attention of intellectuals. The students admire our short stories.

Experienced Writers for Short Story Writing Help

The online writers have worked for students for story writing help. They understand the requirement and level of the pupil. They should write short story in lucid style. The terms are quite general and the instructor will not face any problem. The examiner can follow the meaning of word and phrase. Other than the simplicity, they should take special care about the vocabulary. The material is the short story and it is attractive, interesting and creative. The short story touches the heart of children and the instructor. While writing, we remember the characters, plot, developments and messages.

Features of Story Writing Service

In different countries, we come across the online services in story writing. The order is delivered at the right time and there is no delay at work. For avoiding this situation, the company gets in touch with the expert. The student is informed about the situation through live chat. The payment can be made through PayPal. PayPal is quite secure and it is a great processor of paying safely. This has been discovered by a team of researchers. You can pay Dream Assignment safely as we do not share the personal information of the client with the third party. You will get guidance on story writing topics.

Those who have confusion about the short story writers, they can get in touch through live chat. The students should develop a trust and place an order for decreasing the tension. Actually, we assure the student that those who will obtain the material from Dream Assignment. The requirements will be disqualified and a refund will be issued.

Different Types of Stories

1. Beating the Monster

This is a theme of story and some examples are Beowulf and David and Goliath. This is a classic story. The examples of advertisement consist of the attack on Big Brother by Apple in "1984". The attempt of American Express to control the dominance of the Black Friday along with the Small Business Saturday.


There is a story associated with the renewal. ‘It's a Wonderful Life’ has been an important instance from movies. The stories are shared by the brands on renewal and it consists of Gatorade. There is a campaign named "Replay" where aging members in the team of the sports of high-school gets the opportunity to capture the youth again using rematches against the old enemies. Prudential shows the retirement like the starting of a fresh chapter. This does not denote the ending of the previous one. You can get long story ideas from experts.

3. Quest

The mission from a particular point A to a specific point B. A remarkable example is The Lord of the Rings . Some examples of quests of self-professed type are Lexus and IBM. They are amazing marketers who created a smart planet and constantly chasing perfection.

4. Return and Journey

The story is associated with transformation about homecoming and travel. Some examples of journey-and-return stories are Where the Wild Things Are and The Wizard of Oz. Corona represents a brand which motivates the trip and it appeals the reader to "Find your beach" and come back with a fresh mind. A new campaign has been launched by Expedia and it is associated with the modification of the perception by return and journey.

5. Rags to Riches

This is found in literature, e.g., Cinderella and Charles Dickens. This has been found in the movies named Trading Places. It has been found in the advertisement of Chrysler. In the ad, we observe a rise from the ash of Detroit. In the ad of Johnny Walker, we observe the total brand history has been associated with the rise of an ordinary Scottish farmboy to international reputation. Those who are looking for story writing help, they can contact the experts through live chat.


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