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1. What is Dream Assignment?

Dream Assignment is an essential service for students of colleges and universities around the world. We have a team of writers who are experienced in all kinds of topics and they are free from plagiarism.

2. What are the unique features of Dream Assignment?

The service of Dream Assignment is 100% accurate. The writers analyze in detail and keep 100% confidentiality in this service. You can quickly get a reply within 10 minutes from our company.

3. How can I post queries in Dream Assignment?

The students can send queries through e-mail. They can also upload their work to our site. You will get a response quickly from our team.

4. What are the academic topics?

The academic topics of Dream Assignment are Humanities Help, MBA Help, Law, social science, engineering, essay assignment, analysis, outline or draft, pictorial presentation, professions help, homework guidance, public services help, formal sciences help, natural sciences help, commerce help and others.

5. What is the qualification of the experts?

The experts have a sound knowledge with degrees of university, e.g., MSc, BSc, CA, MBA, PhD, CA, in related fields. They have a lot of experience in fundamental, advanced and intermediate level. They are eager to help the international students.

6. How much should I pay for taking assistance from Dream Assignment?s

At Dream Assignment, the target is to help the students understand the subject. The cost is estimated after a good judgment of the homework. We keep the price quite low to motivate students for taking our guidance to get success in the academic subjects.

7. How to provide payment securely?

Dream Assignment is proved by PayPal. The payments can be made securely taking the help of PayPal. The credit or debit cards are accepted.

8.What is the actual time for waiting of putting an order and getting the response?

We offer service to the customers for 24 hours. Our team replies within 30 minutes of placing the query.

9.What is the time period required for completing our assignment?

The time taken for finishing the assignment is dependent on the difficulty of the assignment. The priority level is also judged. The homework is given to the right expert.

10.Do you maintain confidentiality of my assignment?

The confidentiality is maintained strictly. We never reveal the name of the candidate and the institution. Thus, you can be 100% sure of the confidentiality of our service. We never sell, share, or misuse the personal data for any service.

11.How can I prove my payment?

After we get the payment from our client, we will send an email to confirm our acceptance for a particular amount on the assignment.

12.What is the method of replying the team of Dream Assignment?

The department of customer care talks with you using phone, Skype and e-mail.

13.Whom should I get in touch with if the time exceeds?

Dream Assignment guarantees the student of any college and university to get their assignment at the right time. If there is delay in our service, the student will be communicated via e-mail narrating the reason and the form of delay. They will be sent a request for extending the date.

14.Do you provide the similar solutions of assignment to various students?

The same answers are never given to the students. The projects are given to different writers if they are the same topic. This ensures a different solution of the same task.

15.What is refund policy?

The Dream Assignment team aims at 100% customer satisfaction for the quality and service to the customers. If you are not happy with the quality of our service, then you should never hesitate to get in touch with us. You can suggest us and we will definitely modify the assignment without charging anything from you.We will do the revision without any extra charges. If you are not happy with our service at all after revision, then you will get a half refund since it is already assigned to our experts & partial payment is already completed.

16.Is there any chance of editing at the last minute in an assignment?

You can definitely order the modification for the homework at any time. The writers will be happy to fulfill your demand.

17.Are you sure that the work is original?

The writers are screened carefully for assignment writing. Our policy ensures no plagiarism. We offer our clients a report of the copyscape without any fees. As a client, you feel happy that the report in Turnitin is free from plagiarism.

18.What is the quality of the paper?

Dream Assignment always fulfills the deadlines of the assignment. We have the capacity of delivery papers of high quality within a short span of time. The target is to offer work at a competitive rate.

19.Is there any discount for coming back to your company?

Definitely! Dream Assignment provides discount to the loyal customers. We provide 10% discount for referrals. For the careers, the clients take our help throughout their life. We are eager for referrals. The discount is offered for the new referrals on homework assignments.

20.What are the locations of your services?

Dream Assignment offers services to American students and also to students of any college and university from all over the world.

21.What is the procedure for emergency cases?

In emergency situations, our writers are present 24x7 to help you. The customer care is going to reply your queries. You can get your service at the right time.

22.Do you re-sell academic papers?

We never re-sell papers of the academic assignments. The customer gets each paper for a particular topic. The assignments are never shared at all.

23.Is it justified to take academic help?

Sometimes the pressure in our academic field does not allow us to write with accuracy. We can easily take the assignment guidance as we are using experienced writers for helping you. You can get high quality writing for a limited time period also. Our work is free from plagiarism and we follow accurate reference style in our work.

24.Do you copy the work of others?

We never plagiarize the work. Our team of writers is trained to provide original assignments after checking through anti-plagiarism softwares.

25.Is there any guarantee of A grade?

Our work is offered by highly qualified writers who have a brilliant academic record. They write following the instructions and within the time frame. You will definitely get an A grade from our assignments.

26.Do you meet deadlines of assignments?

Yes our writers fulfill the deadlines of the assignment. We are trained to provide high quality assignments within the time frame. Our team of writers have produced high quality of work within the deadline and received good comments from the clients.

27.What should I do if the papers fail to meet the requirements?

Initially we will permit you to use the services at a reduced rate. You can pay us a low rate unless you are quite sure about our service.

28. Whom should I contact for technical faults?

For any kind of technical fault, you can send us an e-mail at or you can get in touch with us through phone (123) 456 7890 / 456 7891. We are ready to modify the work till you are satisfied.

29.What are the criteria of choosing the writers?

Dream Assignment has chosen writers on the basis of their competency, experience and skill. They are capable of delivering the paper within the deadline.

30.How long do you take to complete an assignment?

The time taken for completion of assignment is based on the due date and the topic of writing. Our writers are quite experienced and they have tough guidelines. The guidelines are fulfilled. We can complete homework within four hours to a maximum of six weeks.