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Behind the scenes of software programming?



The software programming deals with the development life cycle of the software and the programming languages that have rules which are used to create the computer instruction. The development lifecycle that identifies the problem that is required to be solved by the software and lists out a series of task that is required to be performed in order to complete the software. The software is required to solve the problems of the end users. Software programming designs the algorithm of the software and generates the code from the algorithm using a suitable programming language for the development of the software (Evans, Martin & Poatsy, 2017).

The development life cycle is used in the software programming to organize the development process of the software. Various cycle models have been introduced today with their proved advantage and the suitability according to the scope of the software. The cycle is made up of various steps which are as follows

A firm needs to identify the main concerns, their scope and the stakeholders that affected with the issues. The scenario planning helps to identify factors and the elements or the trends in the technology that resolve the current issues. The risk and the uncertainties of the new technology are identified to create the possible outcomes. The scenarios are a visual representation through a matrix that highlight the scenario and its possible outcomes that is reviewed and discussed with the stakeholders for acceptability and reliability. With further research, the options are validated and re-examined before adopting the new technology by the business.

Step 1: describing the problem and execution of the program to solve the problems.

Step2: planning and designing of the algorithm

Step3: Coding or programming with programming languages

Step 4: Testing and debugging

Step 5: Compiling and the finishing the software with documentation.

The development of the software programming makes the use of the algorithm which uses a flowchart or pseudocode. The object-orient design is most used in the software that is for solving the real world problems with a programming language like java, python, C++ etc. Top-down design is also used by the programmer by only in the case of the system programming using the assembly languages. The programming of the software is based on the frameworks that set the standards for the development of the software through which errors can be handled and easily. After the successful compilation of the software several tests like the alpha test, beta test, black box test, white test, end user test etc. are performed on the software to validate and verify the requirements of the software and test its capabilities in solving the defined problem. The software programming also maintains the record of the steps and the process is undertaken that is reported in a document for additional reference to the development of the software.


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