What Is An Annotated Bibliography?


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What Is An Annotated Bibliography?

Annotated Bibliography is the summary of each of the sources that we have used in the assignment. It requires very detailed work and the length of the annotation will help to judge the summary of the source. A research project requires an annotated bibliography and it is not so easy to do it. Before writing the annotations, it is important to read them properly and use them in the research paper where it will fit. Deep research in Annotated Bibliography Assignment Help is done in order to complete the research project professionally.

What Are The Elements Of An Annotated Bibliography?

There are four elements in the annotated bibliography:

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1. Citation

The citation should be in alphabetical order and it should include details about the author like the name of the author, publication, last update, etc.

2. Summary

At least 2-3 sentences should be summarized in the content of the paper and it should include the main points in a detailed way.

3. Evaluation

Around 2-5 sentences should be written in order to evaluate the details and author which will also reflect the analysis of the source.

4. Reflection

1-3 sentences should be written so that it could reflect the actual use of the source.

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