Rise of the computer technology in today's world


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Rise of the computer technology in today's world

Rise of the computer technology in today's world

The computer was developed by the hand of English mathematician Charles Babbage. Thediscovery of the computer has started a new era in the present scenario. Computers have becomea necessity in today’s day-to-day life. With the rise of computer technology, informationtechnology is also finding its strong base in it. The widespread computer technology in today’swork has given various conveniences such as

● The development of communication systems such as the Internet and social media hasincreased the Whole communication process

● At present people can access a huge quantity of information for their usage because of therise of computer technology

● Computer technology has also enhanced and reshaped the possibility and structure ofbusiness and finance

● Even in some of the sectors such as the healthcare sector, education sector, andentertainment, research has also flourished since computer technology has reached adeveloped state.

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The main barriers to writing an assignment oninformation technology

The main barriers that students are faced while writing assignments on information technologyare many. Among those some of the prominent reasons are

● Unable to understand the guidelines of the assignments due to the complexity

● Do not know properly the format and Styling procedures of writing assignments

● Feeble knowledge about the research procedures.

● Unable to cope with the rapid updation of technological processes

● Students face hindrances in the writing of assignments because of the lack of practicalknowledge.

● Fear of plagiarism is another reason. Students who do not possess the knowledge ofresearch writing often copy the writing from other texts which ends in plagiarism.

Significance of IT knowledge in academics

There is a huge significance of IT knowledge in the field of academics

● Magnify the research procedure in the learning

● Assist in inventive methods of teaching and learning

● Revamp the efficiency and the process of organization

● Provide immense information about various search procedures and that helps people invarious fields.

● Modify the updated technology and thus bring upgradation in academic procedure

● Helps in critical thinking and solving any kind of problems related to academic

● Expand the possibility of digital learning

● Provide facility in the distance learning procedure.

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