What Is Almighty Project Management? - You Should Know It


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Project management is the effective way where indispensable project resources are organized and controlled by individuals to complete a project efficiently. Though it sounds so simple; but in reality, the subject is critical. Project management is a common subject for commerce students. Learning project management is an essential job for students and without proper guidance, it is not possible at all. Hiring the right project management tutor always gives you an extra advantage in learning project management in a proper way.

5 Different Unique Phases of a Project Management Lifecycle

project management lifecycle phases

Every project management task contains a life cycle and those are extremely essential to comprehend for a beginner. The life cycle incorporates 5 distinct phases such as:


For any project, it is the most initial phase to consider. In this phase, students measure the value and feasibility of any project. Here, mostly, two evaluation tools (business case document and feasibility study) are used to choose whether or not to proceed with a project. In a company, when a project passes these two evaluation tool tests, they are assigned to the expert team for working.


After passing the initial process, the project requires to be planned for further process. This is the stage, where experts do planning for the project. An effective project plan helps the team to work on the further process more creamlike.


It is the prime part of a project. This stage of project management has profoundly relied on the earlier step, i.e. planning. In this stage, a student requires to perform the project and execute it. This stage is everything about building deliverables that delight the client completely.


After completing a project doesn’t indicate that the project is over. The next step of execution comes as monitoring. Here, the individuals require to monitor and control the overall project progress. It helps a project to run smoothly in the long run.


It is the final phase of a project. In this step, the team closes a project after delivering it to the client. This phase is considered vital among the project management life cycle list as the team requires to assess and document the project and go ahead to the next one, accepting former project errors and accomplishments to make more effective methods and more prosperous teams.

The proper combination of those above-mentioned phases makes a project idea into an effective outcome. A student doesn’t only require to learn these 5 phrases to mastery the subject but is also required to acquire knowledge on different topics of project management. Such as:

LeadershipTeam managementOrganizationRisk managementTime management
MotivationTechnologically sounBudget managementCommunicationTechnical writing
Interpersonal skillsNegotiationPolicy knowledgeReportingProject management methodologies
Active listeningConflict managementAdaptabilityResearchingProblem-solving

Top 20 Important Skills of a Project Management Tutor Must Have

project management tutor

Commerce students have a scope of becoming project managers in the future. Let’s understand the brief of those important topics mentioned just above.


Understanding and practicing leadership skills are important for a student to become a project manager. Leaders can use their leadership skills to supervise and organize work, as well as motivate and encourage their teams and establish a road map for completing the project effectively.

Team Management

Managing a team for a project is an important job. A project manager and team leader have the job role of team management. The ability to successfully assign tasks, settle disputes, assess performances, and teach team members to allow them to develop their abilities are all examples of team management skills.


Having a planned organization is a key to successful project management. Project managers must have effective organizational abilities to guarantee that procedures operate effectively and in accordance with specified goals.

Risk Management

Every project encounters different kinds of risks. Being a project manager, it is important to handle those risks effectively and move on to the project towards successful completion. They should be able to leverage professional risk management techniques to assess various risks and devise risk mitigation measures.

Time Management

Management of time especially in a project is essential to complete it within the deadline. A manager is required to develop a project schedule and stick to it during a project's lifespan.


Motivate the team members are essential for team leaders or project managers. The leaders must be able to foster a positive, enjoyable, and productive workplace.

Technologically Sound

A leader must be technologically sound. Being technologically sound and having experience with cutting-edge technology might help leaders to boost their team's efficiency. Leaders could be able to boost production and their team's capacity to get things done more effectively if they know how to adapt to contemporary technological developments.

Budget Management

Managing the budgets of a project is an important responsibility for the project manager. They typically require experience to properly determine where expenses are being exceeded and what adjustments they ought to make to keep costs under control. They must be able to keep track of expenses, create spreadsheets, and decide how the budget should indeed be invested.


Another key skill that project managers must develop is communication. They use this talent to communicate with clients and colleagues. They require this ability in order to successfully communicate their vision, ambitions, thoughts, and concerns. They must also be able to communicate in order to create documents and reports.

Technical Writing

A project manager or team leader must have enough understanding of technical writing in order to create viable deliverables, circulate memoranda, target product releases, or provide news updates.

Interpersonal Skills

Self-assurance, relationship management, and cooperation skills are examples of interpersonal skills. The proper level of self-confidence may boost the team's confidence, morale and leading to better performance. Relationship management abilities are necessary because they allow the project manager to cultivate and maintain connections with clients, contractors, and teammates.


Negotiating deals with suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders is essential for a project manager. When working with a team, it is critical for the leader to use negotiating skills to put everyone on track with the team's organizational plans or to resolve interpersonal issues.

Policy Knowledge

Project managers must have a thorough understanding of policy, including healthcare, safety, sustainability, and commercial industry standards, in order to keep a project operating successfully.


Reporting abilities are especially crucial if a project starts to have issues. To define expectations, targets, and convey messages about deliverables, project managers require reporting abilities to coordinate with supervisors, stakeholders, and teammates.

Management Methodologies

A project manager's understanding of project management methodologies is essential. Throughout the entire lifespan of a project, a competent project manager must be able to use methodologies and techniques such as agile and SCRUM.

Active Listening

An individual must be an active listener in order to be a good leader. Active listening helps project managers to completely comprehend and connect with the perspective of individuals about what they are communicating with.

Conflict Management

Project managers need to be able to deal with conflicts effectively. This ability is necessary for resolving stagnated workflows, project inconsistencies, and other external or internal challenges.


Managers are required to adapt to user demographics, new product trends, technologies, and other factors. It aids the whole project management team to move on the right path.


The project manager's researching skills enable them to overcome any shortcomings that may help them to execute the job more effectively or productively.


Problem-solving is a vital talent for every project manager or leader to possess. Excellent problem-solving abilities enable project managers to take a systematic approach to problem-solving in order to reach a favorable outcome.

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