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Referencing Styles : HarvardTask 1 (10 marks) A. Organize your sample data in a spreadsheet as per "Instructions" above. (Students who failed to follow the instructions will not be marked and “0” mark will be awarded to them) B. What sampling method is used to select your sample data? C. Do you think that is the best method of sampling? Why not? Why yes? D. What is the best statistic used to compare the volatility in WEF, WI, and FS values? Why? Task 2 (10 marks) Based on your sample data: A. Develop the tabular form and graphical bar chart of WI based on the following classification: 1st Class = Very Poor 2nd Class = Poor 3rd Class = Moderate 4th Class = Rich 5th Class = Very Rich. B. What is the most frequent group in your WI sample data? What does that indicate in terms of your data distribution? C. Do you think your WI of sample data is normally distributed? Provide the “statistical reason” for your answer? Task 3 (

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