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Following the ideas of Karl Marx, Steven Spitzer suggests that capitalist societies:Answer Question 22 out of 2 pointsAcross the United States, there is a higher percentage of people who are elderly in which region of the country?Answer Question 32 out of 2 pointsToday, in the United States, what percentage of people die after reaching the age of fifty-five?Answer Question 42 out of 2 pointsThe concept "gerontology" refers to:Answer Question 50 out of 2 pointsWhy can we expect the number of elders in our society to rise to new levels in the years to come?Answer Question 62 out of 2 pointsSince 1960, the poverty rate among the U.S. elderly:Answer Question 72 out of 2 pointsThe poverty rate among people over the age of sixty-five is:Answer Question 82 out of 2 pointsThe median wealth (net worth) of U.S. seniors in 2005 was about:Answer Question 92 out of 2 pointsThe right-to-die debate is mostly about:Answer Question 102 out of 2 pointsIn general, industrialization has what effect on the social standing of the elderly relative to younger people?Answer Question 112 out of 2 pointsWhich category of the U.S. population is showing the greatest labor-force increase in terms of percentage?Answer Question 122 out of 2 pointsThe concept "primary labor market" refers to:Answer Question 130 out of 2 pointsContrasted to socialist economic systems, capitalist economic systems are typically:Answer Question 142 out of 2 pointsA conglomerate is:Answer Question 152 out of 2 pointsContrasted to socialist economic systems, capitalist economic systems typically:Answer Question 162 out of 2 pointsWhich of the following concepts refers to a political and economic system that combines a mostly market-based economy with extensive social welfare programs?Answer Question 172 out of 2 pointsWhat is the hypothetical economic and political system in which all people in society are socially equal?Answer Question 182 out of 2 pointsDependency theorists see large corporations as:Answer Question 192 out of 2 pointsThe postindustrial economy is defined by:Answer Question 202 out of 2 pointsWhich of the following countries best exemplifies a system of state capitalism?

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