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Pratanu Banerjee 9:18 AM (16 hours ago)to me Question 1 .3 out of 3 pointsCorrect The priesthood, a specialized occupation in charge of a large religious organization, first developed in which type of societies? . Question 2 .3 out of 3 pointsCorrect Supporters of liberation theology hope that this social movement will achieve which of the following goals? . Question 3 .3 out of 3 pointsCorrect An analysis of how religion supports the interests of a society's elites would fall under which of the following theoretical approaches? . Question 4 .3 out of 3 pointsCorrect All through the South, the largest number of Protestants are of which denomination? . Question 5 .3 out of 3 pointsCorrect Following Emile Durkheim, the ordinary elements of everyday life are correctly considered to be: . Question 6 .3 out of 3 pointsCorrect Faith is a way of knowing based on: . Question 7 .3 out of 3 pointsCorrect Which of the following concepts was used by Emile Durkheim to refer to an object in the natural world collectively defined as sacred? . Question 8 .3 out of 3 pointsCorrect Buddhists are a majority of people in which of the following countries? . Question 9 .3 out of 3 pointsCorrect Which of the following nations stands out as the most religious of all high-income countries? . Question 10 .3 out of 3 pointsCorrect Confucianism is closely linked to the traditional culture of: . Question 11 .3 out of 3 pointsCorrect In Great Britain, regardless of their scores on achievement examinations, the children of well-to-do families: . Question 12 .0 out of 3 pointsIncorrect Assume that you support the school choice movement. What are you likely to say is the reason that U.S. public schools perform poorly?. Question 13 .3 out of 3 pointsCorrect One indication that there is a problem of grade inflation is the fact that almost half of all grades given to today's high school students are: . Question 14 .3 out of 3 pointsCorrect The major reason that schooling is limited in lower-income nations is that: . Question 15 .3 out of 3 pointsCorrect Charter schools are:Question 16 .3 out of 3 pointsCorrect If you were to enter a school in ancient Greece or China, the students you would find there would be mainly:. Question 17 .3 out of 3 pointsCorrect On which of the following continents do we find the most countries with high rates of illiteracy?. Question 18 .3 out of 3 pointsCorrect One result of tracking in schools is that:. Question 19 .3 out of 3 pointsCorrect The problem of functional illiteracy means that:. Question 20 .3 out of 3 pointsCorrect Jonathan Kozol criticizes the U.S. educational system for:

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