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In the United States, a majority of people (52.1 percent) claim to be:Answer Question 23 out of 3 pointsWhich of the following nations stands out as the most religious of all high-income countries?Answer Question 33 out of 3 pointsWhich of the following is a correct example of civil religion?Answer Question 43 out of 3 pointsWhich of the following typically forms as a breakaway group from some established religious organization?Answer Question 53 out of 3 pointsFaith is a way of knowing based on:Answer Question 63 out of 3 pointsThe priesthood, a specialized occupation in charge of a large religious organization, first developed in which type of societies?Answer Question 73 out of 3 pointsBuddhists are a majority of people in which of the following countries?Answer Question 83 out of 3 pointsIn his analysis of Protestantism and the rise of capitalism, Max Weber stated that Protestantism:Answer Question 93 out of 3 pointsWhich of the following concepts was used by Emile Durkheim to refer to an object in the natural world collectively defined as sacred?Answer Question 103 out of 3 pointsFollowing Emile Durkheim, the ordinary elements of everyday life are correctly considered to be:Answer Question 113 out of 3 pointsIn the United States today, what percentage of people over the age of twenty-five have earned a four-year college degree?Answer Question 123 out of 3 pointsIn low-income nations, most education is a matter of:Answer Question 133 out of 3 pointsOne result of tracking in schools is that:Answer Question 143 out of 3 pointsWhich of the following is a latent function of schooling?Answer Question 153 out of 3 pointsIn Great Britain, regardless of their scores on achievement examinations, the children of well-to-do families:Answer Question 163 out of 3 pointsJonathan Kozol criticizes the U.S. educational system for:Answer Question 173 out of 3 pointsCharter schools are:Answer Question 183 out of 3 pointsAssume that you support the school choice movement. What are you likely to say is the reason that U.S. public schools perform poorly?Answer Question 193 out of 3 pointsThe problem of functional illiteracy means that:Answer Question 203 out of 3 pointsAt what point in our history had a majority of adults in the United States earned a high-school diploma?

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