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Question Number: 560

SeLoger.com Takeover case studyDeadline: 08-08-2019 15:00 | Individual | Weighting: 35.0% | AssessedYou should submit about 5-10 slides to answer the questions below. The slides should include your executive summary.Does the price offered by Axel Springer seem justified to you? What is your opinion on SeLoger’s intrinsic value? Use various valuation methods to justify your answer.According to your interpretation of the case and putting yourself in the shoes of Roland Tripard, how can you explain his firm intention to ward off the takeover? Whose interests is he trying to protect?As SeLoger’s team of advisors on the deal, help SeLoger’s management to elaborate a comprehensive defence strategy. Analyse the various critical issues to consider and action levers to implement. What is at stake? What action plans to lead and in order to reach which results?More specifically, in terms of (financial) communication, what are the key messages SeLoger has to convey in order to convince the various stakeholders that the firm is worth more than the €34 per share offer? How can the company have an impact on the different stakeholders’ decisions?

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