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1 pageAPASOURCES;4TOPIC SELECTED;THE RISE OF 0NLINE LEARNINGControversies in Education AssignmentPick one or two sources (a journal, an organization) and browse their materials to look for patterns in the topics of articles, presentations, and materials on the organizational websites.Scan mainstream media to look for trends and topics in education. For example, go to the online version of a newspaper or magazine and look for a few of the recent education sections.Drawing on both scholarly and popular sources, identify 2-3 controversies and share a source for each to demonstrate what you have found. Write a 1-2 sentence summary of each resources that you find and make a note of the links and/or references.What the assignment should be identical to:·1 Your Name·2 Controversy title·3 1-2 sentence description of the controversy and its proponents·4 Source of information (citation in APA format)·5 Link to site/resource

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