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In your groups, identify an event you can plan. Use the Project management process and plans to organize the event.Ensure you integrate all the plans and identify a schedule, budget, stakeholders, resources, scope and communication.Instructions:1. Identify an event and provide a description of the event2. Prepare plansa. Scopeb. Schedulec. Budgetd. Stakeholders & Resourcese. Communication3. The assignment should not be longer than 5 Slides plus cover page. You can use charts if you feel it will support.4. Presentation: Present your event and all the plans you have created to execute the event. Ensure all groupmembers participate in presentation. Presentation should be between 5-8 mins.5. Cover page must include Assignment topic, your chosen event and names of all team membersThis assignment will evaluate how well you can apply the Project planning tools and plans taught in class to bringtogether and plan an event.

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