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The concept "political economy" refers to:Answer Question 23 out of 3 pointsA totalitarian political system:Answer Question 33 out of 3 pointsPolitics is a social institution that is defined in terms of a society's:Answer Question 40 out of 3 pointsIndustrialization increases the importance of which type of authority?Answer Question 53 out of 3 pointsIn the 2008 presidential election, about what percentage of registered voters actually went to the polls?Answer Question 63 out of 3 pointsWhich of the following concepts refers to the formal organization that directs the political life of a society?Answer Question 73 out of 3 pointsPeople who attract followers, including Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, display:Answer Question 83 out of 3 pointsIn Max Weber's view, monarchy claims legitimacy based on:Answer Question 93 out of 3 pointsWhich of the following statements about political parties in the United States is true?Answer Question 103 out of 3 pointsTerrorism refers to:Answer Question 113 out of 3 pointsJessie Bernard claimed that marriage:Answer Question 123 out of 3 pointsToday's baby boomers are often called the "sandwich generation" because:Answer Question 133 out of 3 pointsIn the United States, family violence is:Answer Question 143 out of 3 pointsIn the United States, a recent trend involving parenting is that:Answer Question 153 out of 3 pointsResearch shows that growing up in a single-parent family:Answer Question 160 out of 3 pointsWhat is the effect of industrialization on the number of children in a typical family?Answer Question 173 out of 3 pointsIn traditional regions of many lower-income countries, such as Sri Lanka, marriage:Answer Question 183 out of 3 pointsTo which region of the world would you travel if you wanted to visit many countries where the law permits polygamy?Answer Question 193 out of 3 pointsIn 1989, which country became the first to permit legal same-sex partnerships with many of the benefits of marriage?Answer Question 203 out of 3 pointsWhich of the following categories of the U.S. population has the greatest share of female-headed households?

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