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Hamlet Thesis Statement Help Analyze three of Hamlet's soliloquy's chronologically and consider whether he seems indecisive, willful, purposeful, or driven by madness or fate. How do these soliloquy's reveal his character, and are they an evolution towards self-awareness? I'm having some trouble coming up with a thesis for this essay. I've been really trying it's just hard. My teacher is not really ever around for questions or to help me out and she's not very helpful when I can get in touch with her. Also i was thinking about picking Hamlet's First, Fourth(To Be or Not To Be), and Seventh Soliloquy to be my three out of his seven soliloquy's because i just feel like those 3 are most peoples favorites and just solid soliloquy's... I'm guessing my thesis statement in the beginning of my essay should mention the three soliloquy's im going to be talking about...

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