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Government policy toward slums in cities such as Lagos and Rio de Janeiro could BEST be described as:Slums often emerge near scavenging sites such as dumps and recycling centers. Which of the following statements about scavenging sites is true?Which of the following is most responsible for the growth of slums?Which of the following is a major reason people in developing nations move to cities? Choose the BEST answer.Life in booming cities in the developing world is in many ways comparable to life in which of the following places?Which three geographic regions of the world have the highest literacy rates?Which of the following is the most common attitude toward education among parents in developing nations?Which of the following BEST summarizes the problems seen in developing nations trying to grow their primary education system?Some education reformers argue that the supply of education providers must be increased in order to create provide better education outcomes for students. Those who disagree criticize this belief on which of the following grounds?Schools in developing nations often fall short of their goals to 1) help all children develop basic skills and 2) nurture students' talents. Which of the following is a reason why this occurs?What common issue in developing nations is directly responsible for the outbreak of infectious diseases such as cholera?Which of the following is a reason why many citizens of developing nations lack preventative health care?Which of the following BEST explains how a successful “nudge” from a government can impact a country’s health care?Which of the following BEST describes health gains made in Africa over the last 50 years?Which of the following is true about a child who is immunized?Why do post-development critics find the concept of developed and developing countries so troublesome? Choose the BEST answer.Generally speaking, why have development critics opposed development?What motivates workers involved with aid organizations such as charity: water and Engineers without Borders? Choose the BEST answer.In the view of anti-aid advocates such as Dambisa Moyo, historically, what has been the effect of aid on developing countries? Choose the BEST answer.Which of the following statements BEST expresses the argument of post-development critics?How has Rwandan president Paul Kagame attempted to “bypass the traditional development model”?In what unique and powerful way has the Grameen Bank helped poor people in the developing world?Which of the following issues is most limiting Rwanda’s potential growth?Which of the following BEST describes a family at the very bottom rung of the development ladder?All of the following factors have helped transform countries from developing nations to developed ones. Which of the following is an “intangible” that has contributed to this transformation?How are the prospects looking for MDGs target 1A, which aims to cut in half the proportion of people living on less than $1.25 a day?How many countries have agreed to work toward the Millennium Development Goals?How are the prospects looking for MDGs target 5A, which aims to reduce the maternal mortality rate in developing nations by three quarters?As of 2012, which region of the world has achieved the greatest amount of MDGs progress?What problem common to rural areas of the developing world has the ReadySet attempted to solve?

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