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Please show all answers within the attached Word template file (answer and how you found thatanswer, step by step your solution with screen shots)Answers are to be placed in the Word template file This exam consists of 5 (five) questions.There are a total of 100 points distributed among the various questions. Points for eachsection of each question are listed with the question. Please show your work to clarify your answer.• Not including a name on the solution file will result - 10 pts penalty• Not using the template answer file will result - 10 pts penalty• Not submitting through the course website will result - 10 pts penalty• No late exams will be accepted after the due date/time1. George Hank, CEO of Walker Construction has an opportunity to bid on a contract that pays $5500upon completion, but the contract calls for a late performance penalty of $140 per week for each weekthat the project is delayed beyond eight weeks (20 points total). Duration is in weeks.A. Find the crash cost per week for each activity and record the results in the crash table in the Word file. Whatare the total normal costs for the project (4 pts)?B. Which activity would you recommend that Hank crash first, if any (4 pts.)?C. What project duration will minimize project cost (6 pts.)?D. What is the maximum profit that Walker can attain for this project (6 pts)?ActivityNormalTimeNormalCostCrashTime Crash CostImmediatePredecessorsA 1 $300 1 $300 -B 3 $400 1 470 AC 2 350 1 550 AD 5 550 4 675 AE 4 300 3 375 CF 2 450 1 500 CG 7 425 5 525 CH 4 525 2 625 B,EI 3 250 1 330 D,FJ 1 300 1 300 H,G,I2. The following project is to be scheduled using the expected times found using the approximation tothe beta distribution. All duration estimates are in weeks (19 points total).Activity a m B PredecessorsA 2 5 8 -B 4 10 22 AC 1 4 16 BD 4 6 8 AE 4 6 11 AF 1 2 6 EG 3 4 17 D,EH 1 2 3 C,F,G2A. Find the early start and late start schedule for each activity as well as its total and free slack. List the valuesin the table in the Word template (7 pts).B. What is the critical path duration? What is the variance for the critical path? What is the probability that theproject will be completed in 24 weeks (6 pts)?C. Using evidence from this specific project, explain if the estimate found in (B) is optimistic, and why, or whynot (6 pts).3. The following product development project is scheduled to commence next month at MultiCare. Theproject activities, their resource requirements for team members, and precedence relationships arelisted in the table below. Note that only one type of resource is used by each activity: team members.There are five team members assigned to this project. (20 points total)A. What is the critical path duration for this project if the project is scheduled without resource constraints (4pts.)?B. Given a resource constraint of five team members and a schedule found using the minimum slack heuristic,which activity should be scheduled after activity A (4 pts)?C. What is the duration of a project found subject to resource constraints found using the minimum slackheuristic (7 pts.)?D. List the set of critical activities in the resource constrained schedule (5 pts).Activity Duration(weeks)Team MembersRequiredPredecessorA 1 5 -B 1 1 AC 2 2 AD 4 2 AE 3 2 AF 1 2 BG 3 2 EH 5 1 FI 1 5 H,C,D,G4 You are currently managing a project with planned two-year duration. The project is currently in itsfourth month. The actual costs to date are $420,000. The planned expenditures to date were470,000. Earned value is currently $400,000. Budget at Completion for the Project is $1,000,000.(18 points total)A. What are the values of the Cost Performance Index (CPI), and Schedule Performance Index (SPI) for thisproject (6 pts)?B. Based on these indices, provide an evaluation of the project’s current status. (4 pts)C. Your program manager is concerned about your capability to complete the project within 10% of thetargeted budget. Provide your evaluation as to whether you feel that your team is capable of doing so,based on past research on projects. (5 pts)D. What is your optimistic estimate of what this project will cost when it is completed? (3 pts)?5. UW Hospital’s Director has charged the hospital’s information technology group with thedevelopment of a new database system to track equipment and supplies. The project manager hasmet with the team and developed a project charter, WBS, project network, and resourcerequirements. The project must be begin on October 1, 2009, and must be completed by January 30,2010. The project activities, precedence relationships and resource requirements are shown below.A key to the resource categories and the cost of each resource is listed in a table below the activityinformation. (23 points total) You need to assume that their regular working schedule is 40 hours aweek. And the weekends are not working days.3A. Using Microsoft Project, find the completion date for this project without considering the resource constraints,given the start date of October 1, 2009. The team will be off for holidays on November 26th and 27th, and 5:00P.M., December 18th through 8:00 A.M., January 3rd. The team will work from 8 to 5 with 1 hour for lunch.Create a schedule using MS Project and paste it to the Word Template File (9 pts).B. Find the total project resource costs, given the costs per hour given in the second table below. Include a taskcost table from Project in the Word Template file (7 pts).C. Determine what date the project will complete, given the resource constraints listed in the second table below.Paste a resource-constrained schedule found using MS Project in the Word Template file. Please be sure thatthe completion date is clearly listed on the schedule (7 pts).Act. # Activity Duration Predecessor Resource Requirements0 Database Project1 1 Project Plan2 1.1 Develop Project Plan 10 Days - PM, SA, P, DA3 1.2 Review Plan with Sponsor 1 hr 2 PM, SA(2), P(3), DA, DD(2), PE(2)4 1.3 Review Requirements with Stakeholders 5 Days 2 PM, DA5 1.4 Prepare Requirements Plan 3 Days 4 SA, P, DA, PE, DD6 1.5 Revise and Complete Project Plan 4 Days 5,3 PM, DA, PE(2)7 2 Prepare Database Design8 2.1 Prepare Preliminary Design 10 Days 2 SA, DD(2), PE, DA9 2.2 Determine File Structures 12 Days 5 SA, DD(2)10 2.3 Defined Processes for Database Use 7 Days 6,8 SA, PE(2)11 2.4 Review Processes with Stakeholders 5 Days 10 SA, PE12 2.5 Physical Database Design 20 Days 9,11 DD(2), P13 2.6 Review and Revise Design 4 Hrs 12 PM, DD, PE, P14 3 Prepare Design and Training Documents15 3.1 Prepare Training Specifications 15 Days 10 PE(2)16 3.2 Determine Security Specifications 4 Days 12 SA, DA, PE17 3.3 Prepare Physical Flow Documentation 12 Days 10 SA(2), PE(2)18 3.4 Write Data Conversion and Interface 6 Days 6,13 SA(2), P(2), DA19 3.5 Revise Documentation 3 Days 16 SA(2), PE(2)20 3.6 Management Review 2 Hrs 17,19 PM, DA21 4 Training and Rollout22 4.1 Train the Trainers 3 Days 15 SA, DA, PE23 4.2 Testing 15 Days 18 SA, P(3), DD24 4.3 Training Sessions 5 Days 19,22 DA, PE25 4.4 Readiness Review 8 Hrs 20,23 PM, SA, DA, PE, DD, P26 4.5Commence Rollout 0 Hrs 24,25Code Resource Number on Team Cost /Hour Per PersonSA Systems Analysts 2 $55.00/hrP Programmers 3 $38.00/hrDA Database Administrator 1 $75.00/hrDD Database Designers 2 $50.00/hrPE Process Engineers 2 $55.00/hrPM Project Manager 1 $80.00/hr

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