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XBIS 219 Week 6 Check Point Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Review Section 10.3 in the text.Write a 200-word paragraph outlining the phases of SDLC and identifying the different personnel that participate in this process. XBIS 219 Week 7 Checkpoint Internet Privacy Write a paragraph of at least 200 words addressing the following: Explain how your expectations for Internet privacy differ for the following situations: Accessing the Web at home, at work, and in a public setting, such as a library computer lab or Wi-Fi zone. What is the basis for your expectations? Is it legal to use your neighbors’ wireless internet signal? Is it ethical? Explain your reasoning. XBIS 219 Week 9 Capstone DQWhat are the most important concepts you have learned in this course? How do you think you will use these concepts in your further studies and in your career?

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