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Question Number: 254

Poverty rates among African American and Hispanic elders in the United States are:Answer Question 20 out of 2 pointsSince 1960, the poverty rate among the U.S. elderly:Answer Question 30 out of 2 pointsWhich country has the most permissive law involving physician-assisted suicide in the world?Answer Question 40 out of 2 pointsGordon Streib concludes that older people:Answer Question 50 out of 2 pointsThe median (middle case) age of the U.S. population currently is about:Answer Question 60 out of 2 pointsFollowing the ideas of Karl Marx, Steven Spitzer suggests that capitalist societies:Answer Question 70 out of 2 pointsAmong U.S. seniors, the gender gap in income:Answer Question 80 out of 2 pointsIn general, seniors with higher incomes:Answer Question 90 out of 2 pointsThe practice of older people retiring from work:Answer Question 100 out of 2 pointsThe right-to-die debate is mostly about:Answer Question 110 out of 2 pointsWhich category of the U.S. population is showing the greatest labor-force increase in terms of percentage?Answer Question 120 out of 2 pointsBy about 1950, most of the people in the U.S. labor force had which type of job?Answer Question 130 out of 2 pointsConcerning the issue of personal freedom, capitalist systems emphasize people’s _____, while socialist systems emphasize people’s _____.Answer Question 140 out of 2 pointsIn recent decades, union membership:Answer Question 150 out of 2 pointsWhich of the following countries best exemplifies a system of state capitalism?Answer Question 160 out of 2 pointsModernization theorists see large corporations as:Answer Question 170 out of 2 pointsThe concept "state capitalism" refers to a system in which:Answer Question 180 out of 2 pointsIn the United States, about what percentage of the labor force performs tertiary sector work?Answer Question 190 out of 2 pointsLooking at economies around the world, the primary sector is the largest in:Answer Question 200 out of 2 pointsYesterday’s family farms have given way to:

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