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An operating system is basically the interface between the hardware and the users. Without the use of operating system, it could be impossible to develop computers, tablets, and smartphone. It is one of the most important subjects of the engineering and it controls all the execution of the various types of program. It performs the various task such as memory management, process management and handling the various input and output. Some of the most popular operating systems are Windows, VMS, AIX, and Linux. An operating system performs a various function such as managing file, device, and memory and it provides a lot of security.
Executing Program in the Operating System
Our operating system has the capacity to load the different program in the memory and also it can execute the various program. The program must have the capacity to ends its execution either normally or forcefully.
Communication Process of Operating System
Our process has the capacity to transfer the information from one process to another. Processes executing either in the same system or different computer system require the support of the operating system. Proper communication between the processes is done only by proper using the shared memory or it is also done through the process of message passing.
Detecting Error
Our operating system can detect the different error as the error occurs within the CPU, input-output devices, user program and in the memory hardware. We also take care of each error and trying to correct those error.
User Interface for Operating System
Our operating System has a different interface such as Graphical interface, Command line interface and batch based interface. As Command line interface uses the text command and also uses the different techniques for entering the command. Batch interface basically used to manage these commands and finally file get executed properly.
Our operating system keeps track of user who is using the resources and also know about the kinds of computer resources that can be used for accounting and also know about the statistics of accumulation.
Input-Output Operation in Operating System
A program that executing in our operating system will require an input-output operation which may require the file or some another input-output device. For any protection user cannot use the input-output device at first. As our operating system basically do the read and write operation in any of the files.
Manipulating File in the Operating System
The program must be read first and then write them as directories. Handling different file in our operating system allows the users to create and delete some of the files which have some particular name and also its extension is also deleted.
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